Keywords: remuneration, forms of remuneration, remuneration fund, tariff system,


The problem is to improve the organization of wages at the enterprise is quite acute for our country. The urgency is growing against the background of the socio-economic crisis in the country. An analysis of the organization of wages at the garment factory "Eugenia", a leading enterprise in light industry in Ukraine were done. The structure of the salary fund, the structure of the salary fund by categories of personnel were studied and conclusions about its distribution were made. Forms of remuneration and the current system of remuneration at the enterprise were determined. The features of each of the remuneration systems were indicated. A number of shortcomings in the current pay system at the "Eugenia" garment factory were identified. The focus is on the lack of flexibility of the remuneration system, low productivity and the lack of focus of the system on cooperation. It was established that work motivation should be based on factors that directly depend on employees. A number of proposals have been made to eliminate the identified shortcomings in the current system of labor organization at the "Eugenia" garment factory.


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