Keywords: inflationary processes, operating costs, operating activities, purchased compressed air, project, compressed air, strategic cost management


The article investigates the issues of reducing the operating costs of the metallurgical enterprise by abandoning the purchased compressed air. The value and formation of operating costs at the production enterprise are considered. It is established that the most important in most situations are specific proposals to reduce operating costs of production activities. One of the most important areas of optimization of production operating costs at the investigated enterprise is the proposal to implement an investment project to reduce energy consumption in the production process. It is proposed to build a new compressor station, taking into account that in the process of production activities, namely in the technological process in the production of steel pipes, the studied enterprise uses a large amount of compressed air, which does not produce and whose production requires high energy consumption. Various alternative technical solutions for the use of turbochargers or screw compressors are considered. The development of other investment projects aimed at reducing the energy intensity of the enterprise as a whole has been formed. The cost of compressed air in the case of its production at its own compressor station has been calculated. Cost estimation were made in accordance of financial and economic indicators with the internal requirements of the enterprise.


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Bechter, L., & MalyshkoА. (2021). REDUCTION OF OPERATING COSTS OF THE METALLURGICAL ENTERPRISE AT THE EXPENSE OF REFUSAL OF PURCHASED COMPRESSED AIR. Bulletin of Zaporizhzhia National University. Economic Sciences, (1 (49), 15-19.