Keywords: association of joint owners of apartment houses, housing and communal service, managing company, revolver fund


Essence and aim of creation of association of joint owners of apartment houses are considered in the article. The necessity of creation of ACMH is exposed. The main state programs of support are adopted, namely: program “Energyhouse” and program “the Warm credits”. The basic terms of the operating programs are described. It is adopted who exactly can be the participant of the programs. Master statistical data over of these programs are brought. It is indicated about a compensation from the state budget and in which one sizes. Basic banks that credit the association of joint owners of apartment houses are adopted, and it: Privatbank, Oschadbank, Ukrgasbank and Ukreximbank. The terms of crediting of ACMH are exposed by the banks of Ukraine. Basic problems are indicated with that there are associations of joint owners of apartment houses. The sourcings of association of joint owners of apartment houses are considered. Principle of work of the Revolver fund is analysed. Certainly what new money of fund is formed from. Functioning of the “Revolver mechanism” is considered. The programs of support are compared, their advantages over and defects are brought. The results of the programs are analysed for previous years, including 2020, namely: amount of participants, amount of projects and their cost. Innovations that plan to realize in New Year are considered.


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