Keywords: web project, project management, data uncertainty, project decision making, fuzzy data, fuzzy logic


Information security (IS), as a component of national security (NB), requires the use of the full set of monitoring and forecasting mechanisms, but has its specificity. First, IS is one of the most technological security sectors that actively leverages modern information technology (IT). Secondly, IS is considered in at least two aspects: technical (cyber security and cyber warfare, etc.) and ideological (propaganda and information wars, etc.). Third, the monitoring data, conclusions and recommendations provided by the IB are the basis of forecasting throughout the national security sector. The peculiarities of information security (PIB) forecasting directions in the context of it as a component of the NB and the development of modern IT are considered. The dangers for the child in the information society are highlighted. The expediency of using legal modeling in law-making and law-enforcement practice is substantiated, which avoids the negative impact on the child’s somnolence. Cyber security issues are identified and ways to tackle cybercrime are suggested.


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Cherep, O., & Saenko, M. (2021). PROBLEMATIC ISSUES OF CYBERSECURITY AND WAYS OF OVERCOMING CYBERCRIME IN UKRAINE. Bulletin of Zaporizhzhia National University. Economic Sciences, (1 (49), 137-142.
Financial-economic security and project management