• V.V. Somchenko
  • O.R. Saienko
  • V. Taran
  • Yu. Popova
Keywords: unemployment, growth, migration, emigration, immigration, frictional unemployment, seasonal unemployment, structural unemployment


The article highlights the reasons and conditions for increasing unemployment in Ukraine. The statistical indicators of unemployment growth throughout Ukraine and separately in Zaporizhzhia region are considered. Therefore, the main purpose of this study was to analyze the state of unemployment in Ukraine, to consider its causes and conditions of their occurrence and to propose methods to solve the problem. The study showed that the reasons for the increase in unemployment in the country and Zaporizhzhia region are a large number of factors, in general, the crisis in the country, military and actions in the East, the coronavirus situation, the departure of citizens abroad, increasing jobs abroad, leads to a mass exodus of citizens. It should be noted that over the last 5 years the unemployment rate has changed dramatically, but now it is increasing. It is determined that the main reasons for the increase in unemployment are: emigration, lack of jobs, unfavorable working conditions, providing better social guarantees, etc. Therefore, their study and analysis is one of the foundations for their solution. In general, if we consider the statistics of unemployment in Ukraine, we can draw several conclusions. First, our country is at the stage of rising unemployment, the causes of which are related not only to demographic, labor, social, but also political factors. Secondly, the legal framework in the field of labor is imperfect: there is a much worse state of social and labor protection, compared to European countries. This situation leads to an increase in the unemployment rate in the country every year. It should be noted that the number of jobs is decreasing, which in turn leads to the departure of citizens abroad to find better and more profitable jobs.


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