• D.I. Babmindra
  • I.M. Slobodyanik
  • D.A. Ilchenko
  • N.I. Hrynevych
Keywords: foreign trade, branch, export, structure, competitiveness


The article is devoted to the study of the main budget-forming sectors of the Ukrainian economy and their export structure. The article reveals the essence of the concept of industry. It is determined that the largest share in the export of Ukraine is occupied by the products of the agro-industrial complex and food products, the products of the metallurgical complex, the products of mechanical engineering and mineral raw materials. The structure of exports of agro-industrial, metallurgical, machine-building and mineral-raw materials complex is analyzed. It is investigated that in the structure of exports of the agro-industrial complex the largest share is the sale of plant products, in the structure of the metallurgical complex – ferrous metals, in the structure of the machine-building complex – machines, mechanisms, equipment and electrical equipment, in the structure of mineral complex – ore, slag and ash. It is established that the structure of exports of the national economy is dominated by raw materials with a low degree of processing. Problems of competitiveness of Ukrainian enterprises are revealed. It is determined that in general, the sectors of the economy of Ukraine are characterized by high energy intensity of production, lack of investment and own financial resources to ensure efficient development of production. The directions of transformation of structure of export on each of branches are offered. It is proved that the directions of transformation of the structure of exports should be the reduction of the share of exports of raw materials and production of knowledge-intensive goods, as well as increasing the volume of goods with high added value.


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