• A.V. Сherep
  • I.S. Abdulaev
  • V.S. Chekhovska
Keywords: competitiveness, competitiveness improvement, investment policy, investments, investment attractiveness of the enterprise


An urgent problem facing Ukraine is the substantiation of directions of increasing competitiveness and gaining a strong position in the international market. After all, ensuring the competitiveness of the economy is a priority for any state that cares about its place in the world market and its economic growth. The level of investment depends significantly on the economic attractiveness of Ukrainian enterprises, because competitive enterprises are an important factor in the success of investors. The formation of the country's investment attractiveness is necessary to ensure its competitiveness and to solve social problems. The effective use of foreign direct investment in the national economy can be an important factor in accelerating economic growth, optimizing the reproductive structure of the economy, solving many other strategic challenges. Accumulated foreign investment is one of the indicators and reflects the level of integration of the country into the world economy, the development of its foreign economic relations and the desire to create an open, export-oriented model of the economy. Ukraine lags far behind most countries with economies in transition in this regard. The article focuses on the assessment of the current state of competitiveness of Ukraine and other countries. The state and tendencies of investments in Ukraine are analyzed. The analysis of Ukraine’s competitiveness is performed. It is established that the increasing the country's competitiveness leads, as a consequence, to the rise of the investment. It is determined that the need for sustainable economic growth, which contributes to increased productivity, remains critically important to improving living standards. The ways to improve the investment climate in Ukraine are proposed. The system of proposals to augment investment activity is the results of the work.


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