• A.R. Fialkivskyi
Keywords: regional economy, competitiveness, regional management, interactive management, proactive management


Complicating relations, increasing turbulence, the novelty of the challenges facing the regional economy determine the feasibility of finding new factors to increase regional competitiveness. The article shows the role of innovative entrepreneurship in the process of forming regional competitiveness. It is proposed to consider innovation as an economic value in its economic significance: it creates fundamentally new resources that the region's economy needs for its intensive, high-quality growth. It is proved that the activation of innovative entrepreneurship occurs in the presence of political, economic, cultural and managerial conditions. The importance of management as a basic consignment of successful strategic development of innovative entrepreneurship in the region is revealed. The elements of the mechanism of innovation development management are described, as a part of which proactive and interactive components are allocated. Proactive management is future-oriented and is part of strategic management, includes strategy, strategic infrastructure, education. Interactive management ensures compliance with the interests of all participants in regional life and is a component of current management, forms a coherence of interests in the implementation of regional development tactics. Interactive management, as it is manifested in the article, consists, for example, in the following: consulting startups on choosing the most optimal legal form of business, financial support of current shares of innovative entrepreneurs, regional targeted programs to support innovative business. Managerial efforts and conditions include a combination of proactive component of management with interactive, which allows regional administrations to coordinate strategic decisions with the tact ics.


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