• S.M. Ivanov
Keywords: Big Data, MapReduce model, neural network, forecasting, matrix


To increase the speed of data transfer while providing access to multidimensional data there is the use of Big Data as a tool due to the epoch - industry 4.0. On the base of the MapReduce model you can use modern tools for working with big data. Therefore, in the paper researched Big Data as a single centralized source of information for the entire subject area. In addition, in this paper the structure of a neural network forecasting system is proposed, which include many databases, where transactions are processed in real time. For neural network forecasting of multidimensional data, a network in Matlab is considered and built. A matrix of input data and a matrix of target data, which determine the input statistical information, are used to teach the neural network. The application of the Levenberg- Marquardt algorithm for training a neural network is considered. Also, the results of the training process of neural network in Matlab are presented. The obtained forecasting results are presented, which allows to conclude about the advantages of a neural network in multivariate forecasting.


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