Keywords: modernization, components of modernization, innovative activity, dynamics.


For today, the leading position is occupied by those enterprises that are innovative and active and use all available resources effectively. Innovation and modernization in general will be a key factor in the success of any enterprise. This paper explores the essence of the concept of "modernization"; the main components of this phenomenon are identified: modernization of economy, state and public relations. The main purpose and problems of modernization are substantiated, the main forms of this process are considered, such as: primary or endogenous modernization; Secondary or catching up modernization and modernization of post-communist countries. The concept of "effective economy" is considered and analyzed. Also, proposals have been formulated to intensify the processes of modernization of the Ukrainian economy. The dynamics of investment-active enterprises in Ukraine and the total amount of expenditures by directions of innovation activity of industrial enterprises are analyzed. The main features of modernization have been structured and considered taking into account the innovative development of economic entities, regional and state economies. The necessity of carrying out innovative activity for successful development of the economy of the country is established. Types of economic modernization are expanded through innovative activities aimed at innovative development of economic entities, regions and the state. The structure of economic modernization is systematized as a complement to the component of innovative development, which will ensure not only the stability of the economy of the state, regions and enterprises, but also its growth. Suggestions are made to improve the processes of modernization of the economy, which envisage innovative development in order to ensure the competitiveness of the country's economy.


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