Keywords: marketing systems, digital economy, product segmentation, optimization, forecasting.


In this article the authors proposed a methodology for building marketing systems, which is based on the principles of: reliability; constant study of the state and dynamics of the market; adaptation to market conditions, taking into account the requirements and capabilities of end-users; active influence on the market for its formation in the directions necessary for the economic object; globalism; substitution; security. An offer methodology of construction of МСС can be used in parallel for: research and analysis of economic problems of decisions in the context of change of the target market and competition environment; developments of strategic and tactical plans of development of economic object and design of processes in an economy with the legacy plan of development of object; analysis of plans of development of economic object, ranging of processes on priorities, development of recommendations on the improvements of processes of change of the system of sale. The authors of this article are the developed classification of systems for input and output information used in marketing systems, as well as the interaction of Internet services with the marketing system, which allows you to obtain marketing information. The authors present a classification of systems of marketing systems by types, basic methods of construction and ways of interaction with the help of information systems and network communications. The authors in this article proposed a conceptual model of marketing systems, which is based on the use of the principles of system analysis, which allows to ensure the formation of a system for managing the marketing activities of an enterprise in the modern digital economy. Offer methods and conceptual model can be used and in other approaches of sale activity of enterprise.


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