Keywords: labor resources, labor potential, efficiency of labor potential use, agricultural enterprises.


The article examines the problematic aspects of efficient use of labor resources and theoretical principles, scientific and methodological approaches, practical recommendations for assessing the efficiency of labor resources. It is established that the efficiency of labor resources is the main component necessary for the continuity of social production, as well as the formation and development of man in labor. Based on this, scientific works on this issue were considered, which accumulate the best achievements of economic and managerial thought, which determine the suitability of existing concepts and models to modern conditions, explain new phenomena in the field of labor. During the writing of the article, an assessment of the efficiency of the use of labor resources in an agricultural enterprise was conducted. Examining the dynamics of the average annual number of employees, it was found that over the past decade there has been a significant reduction in the average annual number of employees both in Ukraine as a whole and at the studied enterprise. The existing system of incentives at the enterprise is analyzed and the main directions of solving the problems of incentives are revealed. Recommendations for improving the efficiency of labor resources and improving the system of incentives for employees at the studied enterprise have been developed. The stages of the incentive system are proposed, which will allow to obtain a reasonable incentive program, maximally aimed at the specifics of the enterprise. The main conditions for improving the material incentives for hired labor are also identified. The obtained results are the basis for further deepening of scientific understanding of: the process of use of labor resources at enterprises, increasing the efficiency of labor resources, their impact on the results of production and economic activities of enterprises.


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Labour economics, personnel management and marketing