intellectual property, material assets, intellectual property


The study is devoted to the study of the theoretical essence and significance of intellectual property in domestic enterprises. The interpretation of intellectual property by domestic and foreign scientists is considered, the properties of intellectual property are studied, the role of intellectual property as an independent economic object capable to be of benefit and income to its owner is substantiated, the classification of intellectual property is considered. It has been determined that intellectual property has properties that are inherent in both intangible assets and those that are distinctive features of intellectual property. The characteristics of intellectual property include the fact that they are factors in the creation and development of a competitive environment and the results or manifestations of creative mental work of people, that make new, original ideas, knowledge, information. It has been noted that one of the main and most valuable features that distinguishes the studied category from other materials assets is the inexhaustibility of intellectual capital, which consists of the structure of intellectual property, knowledge and experience of the organization's staff and others. The study found that by participating in economic relations, intellectual property acts as an independent economic object that can bring benefits and income to the owner. It is important to study an intellectual property not only as a result of activity, but also as a powerful tool in brutal competition. It has been noted that one of the main problems regarding intellectual property in the enterprise is the evaluation and accounting of intellectual property.

The very important prerequisite for assessing the value of intellectual property are its inclusion in innovative and investment projects; in the case of expanding markets; determination of damage caused by improper use of intellectual property, etc. It can be concluded that material assets as a form of intellectual property are rights or benefits in the long run, which were acquired by the owner and reflected in the balance sheet of the enterprise at the price of their acquisition and bringing to business.


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