structural changes; national economy; state regulation; tools of regulation; system of management.


The article is devoted to the research of problems of formation and implementation of mechanisms, methods and measures of state regulation of structural transformations of the national economy. The interpretation of mechanisms, methods, tools and means of state regulation of the economy in domestic economics is studied. It is substantiated that the main shortcomings of the application of the program-target method of national economy management are chronic underfunding of state and local target programs, weak involvement of stakeholders and ineffective control over the implementation of programs and projects. It has been analyzed the European experience of the state practice of coordinating structural changes in accordance with the priorities of socio-economic development, in particular the application of such a regulatory tool as tax benefits. It is proved the expediency of using a reactive and proactive system of public administration in achieving the strategic goals of the national economy, which will more optimally determine the necessary means for their implementation, as well as prevent and respond to negative socio-economic effects. The measures of public administration within the mechanism of state regulation of structural changes in national economy are systematized. The basic tools of state regulation of structural reform of the national economy with grouping by mechanisms, tools and features of their application are determined. It is noted that the applied methods and tools of state regulation may stimulate and / or limit effects on different groups of stakeholders. It is investigated that the tools of state influence on economic processes are constantly expanding, including through digital technologies, and can have a significant difference in performance depending on the scope, level of relations, strategic goals and operational objectives.


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