The article reveals the peculiarities of the development of the circular economy in Germany and the perspectives for the implementation of this economic model in Ukraine. Germany positions itself as one of the most ambitious nations in the field of eco-innovation, digitalization, environmental protection and the development of a circular economy. This country develops many patents and projects and has a sufficient number of qualified personnel. There are also strong industrial sector and high standards of safety and environmental protection. Such a meaningful German experience of implementing a new model of circular economy will be useful for Ukraine as well. Ukrainian economy, the social and political spheres need to be reformed, as they now face many problems and crises. The application of the methods and foundations of the circular economy is extremely difficult without foreign intervention and investment. Therefore, it is now necessary at least to get acquainted with and learn from the experience of more developed countries, where the implementation of the circular economy is already a priority. The article analyzes the dependence of emissions of certain substances and carbon dioxide on capital investments in environmental protection in Ukraine. There are also suggestions for solving the problems of pollution by harmful substances through the use of special technologies for capture and storage. The advantages and disadvantages of the transition to a circular economy, possible barriers and obstacles are revealed.


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