Keywords: inventories, competitiveness, effective control, analysis, economic and statistical research, trade enterprise, turnover.


In the given article problems of stock management and procedure of carrying out the analysis of commodity stocks with use of economic and statistical methods at the trading enterprise were considered. Methods of economic and statistical research - the concept is very broad and has a wide range. This general term covers a range of modern scientific approaches, methods, tools, methods of measurement, formalized description, analysis and forecasting of economic phenomena and processes inherent in the financial, investment, tax system, and therefore in modern economic development, business activities of commercial enterprises , which must maintain competitiveness, reliable and profitable operation in the long run, largely depends on their ability to meet the needs of a personal nature, as modern consumers and have the ability to increase their own turnover. To achieve this goal, trading companies must be able to maintain the necessary turnover of goods, provide the necessary range and quality of inventories, to effectively control the use and management in this process, which ensures the profit and efficiency of the enterprise. Thus, the relevance lies in the answers to the following questions: "How to skillfully implement the analysis of inventories and the effectiveness of their use in commercial enterprises, which will ensure effective control and management decisions in terms of this issue?" affects the financial condition of commercial enterprises, because the presence or absence of stocks leads to both costs and revenues.


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