Keywords: investment; foreign direct investment; investment climate, investment activity.


It is determined that foreign investment is a vital element in the national economy. At the present stage of economic development of Ukraine, the problem of attraction is of particular relevance. For now, attracting foreign investment is a basic condition for forming a competitive model of the national economy. It is revealed the government of the country should take appropriate measures to create favorable conditions for the development of investment activities. Investigating the nature of foreign direct investment, various economic approaches to their interpretation by domestic and foreign scientists, as well as the legislation, were considered. Having researched the scientific achievements of domestic and foreign economists, the essence of the concept of «investment» was defined by the author, which is proposed to be considered as tangible and intangible capital invested in the objects of investment activity from abroad in accordance with the current legislation, provided long-term economic interest. It was determined that the Government's competent policy on attracting the necessary volume of foreign investments will ensure stable economic growth and will have a positive impact on the level of development of the country as a whole. The dynamics and tendency of direct investments in the country, their sectoral and geographical structure are analyzed. The factors of positive and negative impact on the investment climate in the country are substantiated. The suggestions for improving the conditions for the implementation of investment projects are presented by the author: improving legislation, ending the war in eastern Ukraine, political and economic stability, combating the shadow economy etc. The use of aforementioned suggestions will lead to the elimination of negative tendencies of deterioration of the image of Ukraine as a reliable business partner.


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